Did you start your business without thinking about protecting your personal assets from liability? Are you growing so quickly that you have not stopped to make sure you are complying with state and federal laws? Are you worried about potential lawsuits or other legal issues?

Many small business owners wait until an issue pops up to address it. Others will let their concerns linger, with the hope that ignoring them will make them go away. Rather than being limited to figuring out how to lessen the damage, wouldn’t it be better to avoid the problem in the first place?

The business risk assessment is a tool to help small business owners maintain compliance with state and federal laws, reduce risks, and protect themselves from liability. Generate an overview of your company’s risk level in various critical areas, such as HR, intellectual property, contracts & agreements, and more. Understand the areas where your company is on the right track, and identify areas where you may be at high risk. You will receive a written report and action plan to help you proactively address these risks and build your future confidently.