Company Counsel LLC attorneys have a wealth of experience representing clients embroiled in a myriad variety of business disputes. Clients across the region seek us out to handle all phases of disputes—from preliminary stages, where the goal often is to avoid litigation completely, through discovery, trials, and appeals. Our lawyers have diverse qualifications, but all of us have academic and professional backgrounds that are tailor-made to effectively representing clients in litigation. One of our attorneys clerked in trial court for a Judge of the United States District Court; another clerked for a Judge of the United States Courts of Appeals, the second-highest federal court in the nation. Our lawyers have been recognized by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute as experts in litigation, selected to teach statewide CLE courses on pre-trial litigation, and written course materials on discovery techniques and strategies. Unlike many other firms, all of our lawyers regularly appear in court. That said, we do not limit our advocacy to courts: We represent clients in arbitrations, mediations, administrative proceedings, and private or internal investigatory and review proceedings. Two of our attorneys serve as court-certified arbitrators for the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County.

Company Counsel attorneys have represented companies in all facets of litigation, from routine contractual disputes for small businesses, to the most complex of commercial cases for multinational Fortune 500 corporations. We have experience in suits where hundreds of millions of dollars are at issue, involving the most intricate factual and legal issues. We have significant experience in critical litigation across such diverse areas of the law as antitrust, civil rights, contracts and commercial disputes, corporate investigation and governance, discrimination law, employment, environmental law, FCRA, fraud, insurance, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, premises liability, real estate, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”), securities, and tax.