Building Your Team

Building Your Team

Company Counsel will ensure you are covered.

A business owner is only as successful as the team around them. When you are looking to hire new employees, speaking with an attorney will help protect you from any legal ramifications and potential compliance issues as you work to find the best employees possible.

Employment Laws

When starting a new business and building your team, employment law compliance is one of the areas a company can be most exposed to risk and liability. 

Hiring an experienced lawyer will protect your company from any workplace issues and help you avoid lawsuits related to discrimination, compensation, or wrongful termination. With a trusted attorney advising during the hiring process, you ensure your company follows important federal employment laws. In particular, the Fair Labor Standards Act, Equal Pay Act, National Labor Relations Act, Immigration Reform and Control Act, and Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Why You Need A Trusted Lawyer

Hiring an experienced lawyer will protect your company from any workplace issues.

Talking to a lawyer is crucial to help your company properly craft its human resource policies. As your attorney, Company Counsel helps ensure any interviews and hires are made in compliance with labor and employment laws and that employees are properly documented. We draft or review employee handbooks and onboarding documents to keep the company fully protected from potential liabilities or workplace issues. If a dispute or lawsuit arises, our experienced team of mitigators works to defend the company and swiftly resolve any conflicts with the least possible damage to the company.

Do not leave your business’s liability in the hands of generic employment documents and policies you pulled off the internet. From advising policies to discrimination protection to tax compliance, Company Counsel will ensure you are covered through the entire hiring process so you can focus on the people and worry about finding the best candidate to take your business to the next level of success.

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