Why Your Business Attorney Should Be On-Call

As your business grows, your time becomes ever more valuable. Out of necessity, your priority should be to focus on the work that moves your business forward, and that only you can do. One of the best strategies to maximize your own productivity is to hire outside professionals to support your processes and reduce your […]

Why Would an Acquirer Be Interested in My Business Today?

MusicMetric, a platform for measuring music and singer data from several different services, was recently acquired by Apple for around (unofficially) $50 million. The parent company, SeMetric, wasn’t necessarily making a profit from MusicMetric, but Apple obviously gave them an offer that made the owners and investors happy.  The purchase of SeMetric looks like a […]

Representations and Warranties in a Purchase Agreement


Yes, the Representations and Warranties in a Purchase Agreement DO Matter   James Smith was ready to sell his business. He received his purchase agreement from the buyer and agreed on the terms, however there were pages and pages of representations and warranties. He figured this was standard procedure and didn’t think twice about it […]

5 Things to Know Before Your Attorney Consultation

businessman reads charts

Before you meet with your attorney to discuss legal and business strategies for your startup, do your homework so that you can maximize the value you gain from the consultation. Here are five concepts you should be familiar with and tasks you should complete before you meet with your attorney: Write a Strong Business Plan Your business […]

Call Your Lawyer Before Buying a Business

signing a contract

Buying a business requires numerous legal considerations. It is all too common for a buyer to see the perfect opportunity with an asking price that seems reasonable given the market, location, revenue, and rent. You can run the numbers, do some due diligence, and verify that it is a profitable business. But are you familiar with the wide variety […]

4 Ways to Increase Value When Selling Your Business

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Working with an experienced lawyer and business broker can make a major difference when it comes to getting the most value for selling your business. Take the example of Holly Hunter, a successful financial planner in Portsmouth, NH. Her small business employed a few people and pulled in about $700,000 per year in revenue. As Holly got older, she […]

Why Is Due Diligence Important When Acquiring A Business?

Conducting proper due diligence is incredibly important before you acquire a business. There are two goals that you want to achieve: Verify that the information presented by the seller is accurate Make sure that there are no hidden liabilities It all starts with the letter of intent (LOI) that all involved parties will sign. The LOI should […]