Protecting Intellectual Property

Protecting Intellectual Property

If you think you have a great call Company Counsel to speak with an experienced intellectual property attorney.

Your business means everything to you. What started as just an idea in your head is now the successful company you have grown into everything you work for. It is crucial that you protect these ideas regarding your business and how to make your company or your clients successful. Our intellectual property attorneys specialize in helping our clients select, register, maintain, and enforce copyright and trademark laws and will represent you in cases of infringement. Protecting your intellectual property rights and defending them is vital to the success of your business.

What We Do

We will classify, register, and protect your ideas.

When you have a novel idea but do not know exactly how to move forward with it, our attorneys can be there to help turn your concepts into fundamental assets of your business that you own. We identify exactly how your idea should be categorized and what aspects of your concept have already been created (such as logos, images, or blueprints) to help you fully protect your IP.

Intellectual property law falls into four main categories. Trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. However, our expertise also includes specific practice areas such as intellectual property litigation, licensing, due diligence, acquisitions and divestitures, unfair competition, and technology transfer.

Our trademark practice consists of trademark application filings and prosecution, counseling, trademark searches, trademark clearance, new product/service clearance, licensing, agreements, trademark dispute resolution, cybersquatting, and related litigation.

Company Counsel Protects Your Ideas

If you think you have a great idea but are unsure what to do next, whom you can share your idea with, or what legal rights you have, call Company Counsel to speak with an experienced intellectual property attorney. We will help you classify, register, and protect your intellectual property so that your ideas can only benefit you and your business.

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