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Legal counsel should not be a last resort; it should be viewed as a catalyst to help you accomplish your goals. Company Counsel LLC provides a full range of legal services to protect our clients and help them prosper. We help business owners and entrepreneurs by solving complex problems, offering sage advice, understanding vague rules, codes and case laws, and most importantly, hearing our client’s needs. See how we can help.

Our attorneys have a wealth of experience representing clients in all phases of the business lifecycle. Our fractional general counsel program equips our clients with ongoing, part-time legal services tailored to the unique needs and goals of their business and offers a sounding board to help make more educated decisions.

As business owners, we understand how difficult the process is to start a new company. We combine our expertise with pragmatic insight to anticipate problems before they arise, giving our clients a competitive advantage and helping get their company off the ground without a hitch.

Protect assets from liability, reduce the risk of legal issues or lawsuits, and ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws with our business risk assessment tools. Clients receive a written report and action plan to help proactively address any potential risks before they occur.

Our intellectual property services work to protect clients' ideas and ensure that they and their businesses are the only ones who benefit from them. We work to categorize, register, maintain, enforce, and protect intellectual property with our attorneys, who are well-versed in copyright and trademark laws. We believe our client's ideas have economic value, which is a tangible asset for their business that can enhance their competitive advantage in the marketplace if adequately protected.

Whether buying or selling a business, we help our clients navigate the entire acquisition process, from drafting legal documentation to negotiating on their behalf. We ensure all due diligence is complete and everything is memorialized appropriately in writing. If the time comes to move on from a corporation or LLC, Company Counsel can walk our clients through the business dissolution process to relieve their stress and finalize any obligations to the state.

A business owner is only as successful as the team around them. When looking to hire new employees, speaking with an attorney will help protect you from any legal ramifications and potential compliance issues as you work to find the best employees possible.

From contractual disputes to complex commercial cases for Fortune 500 corporations, our team of attorneys has experience representing clients throughout all forms of business disputes. We can handle any situation and provide impeccable representation while working to resolve the conflict with the least possible damage to the company.

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Businesses from Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey are coming to us to help them start their company with a secure foundation and prepare them to avoid unnecessary risks so that they are primed for sustainable success.

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