As a business leader, you have a vision for success.
Our promise is to help you get there, safe and sound.

Company Counsel, LLC is led by Bernard A. Williams, Esq., a seasoned attorney who has honed his craft at some of the finest large law firms in the nation. Being a business owner himself, Bernard has seen firsthand that smart, forward-thinking legal counsel is not a privilege meant only for the wealthiest of corporate conglomerates – every business needs wise legal advice and representation to survive, grow and sustain success.

Bernard and his team have come together to help entrepreneurs and small business owners live out their dreams, achieve their goals, and beat the odds by carefully reviewing their unique needs and working together to remove all potential legal roadblocks in their way. High-level legal services, delivered professionally in a way that makes sense for you and your business model.

Ways That We Can Help

Sweating the “small stuff” makes a big difference. Company Counsel, LLC offers
reliable expert attention and legal service to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Bernard was the first attorney who really took the time to listen to my case rather than check in first to see how much money it was going to bring him. I felt he presented me with facts in a way that I could understand and make the right decision for me. I felt that he had my back which was different from my experience in looking for other attorneys.

- A. G.