Fractional General Counsel

Fractional General Counsel

Every business, especially a small business, needs wise legal counsel and representation.

Our founder and managing partner has been on both sides of the table. He has been a major commercial litigator for some of the largest law firms in the nation, working for Fortune 100 companies on cases that made the front page of the New York Times. He has also been a small business owner, building up a company from the ground with very few resources. Because of his experiences, he has seen firsthand that dedicated, expert legal counsel should not be a privilege meant only for the wealthiest of corporate conglomerates. Every business, especially a small business, needs wise legal counsel and representation to survive, grow, and sustain success.

What is Fractional General Counsel?

Fractional general counsel is often much more affordable for small business owners and provides customized legal services tailored to your specific needs.

You have probably heard the term “General Counsel” before, but there is a difference between fractional general counsel and in-house counsel. Basically, an in-house counsel is a licensed attorney that is a full-time employee of your company, with a salary and benefits. A fractional general counsel is an independent contractor for your company, who provides ongoing legal services for your business, at a flat-rate or fixed price structure. Fractional general counsel is much more beneficial for small and mid-size business owners because our flat fee structure accommodates your needs in a manageable, predictable monthly package. Our clients do not worry about getting charged to pick up the phone and ask us questions, and will not receive a surprising legal bill at the end of the month. Company Counsel provides you with customized legal services tailored to your specific needs, access to more diversely experienced lawyers, more objective and unbiased legal advice, and more independence.

How Company Counsel Can Help

If you’re looking to scale your small business, Company Counsel can help you achieve your goals. As your company grows, you will encounter new legal challenges that can impact your ability to scale. With Company Counsel on your side, you’ll have access to experienced legal professionals who can help you navigate these challenges and make informed legal decisions.

Your Fractional General Counsel from Company Counsel will guide you through the variety of legal issues that arise during the scaling process, such as employment law, contracts, intellectual property, and compliance. We can help you draft contracts that protect your interests, advise you on employment practices to minimize risk, and ensure that your intellectual property is properly protected. We can help you stay up-to-date with relevant laws and regulations, and help ensure that you remain compliant and out of trouble.

Successful businesspeople know that the right legal counsel can provide a tremendous competitive advantage. You’ll be able to make informed legal decisions more quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on your core business and what you do best.

Our Mission

We help good people build great companies that impact the world!

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