Starting a Business

Starting a Business

We combine our transactional expertise with pragmatic insight to anticipate problems before they arise.

If you are considering starting a new business or have recently started one, we want to congratulate you. Being business owners ourselves, we remember the rush of excitement we felt when we first decided to start a business. We also understand how challenging the process is and how much goes into it. When you partner with Company Counsel, we combine our transactional expertise with pragmatic insight to anticipate problems before they arise, giving you a competitive advantage to help get your company off the ground without a hitch.

Legal Services for New Ventures

Start and grow your company with the comfort and confidence that any potential risks and liabilities are proactively identified.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or part of a team of owners, you are expected to wear many hats and oversee all aspects of the company. While you are trying to focus on the products and services you offer, hiring decisions, and building a client base, there are a lot of little legalities that will pop up. Don’t trust the future of your company to generic one-size-fits-all legal documents you download off the internet. Rely on the guidance and knowledge of a trusted attorney. 

Company Counsel provides advice and wisdom throughout the entire process of business formation to help you make educated decisions. We handle all contracts, filings, and any legal documents needed to ensure your company is fully compliant with laws and regulations and that all your assets are protected. Start and grow your company with the comfort and confidence that any potential risks and liabilities are proactively identified and alleviated so you can operate your business without any barriers.

Starting a Business? Speak With Our Business Formation Attorneys

Businesses from Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey are coming to us to help them start their company with a secure foundation and prepare them to avoid unnecessary risks so that they are primed for sustainable success.

Our Mission

We help good people build great companies that impact the world!

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