Resolving Business Disputes

Resolving Business Disputes

The last thing you want to worry about is being forced to solve business disputes.

As a business owner, you are responsible for wearing many hats and overseeing all aspects of your company. The last thing you want to worry about is being forced to solve business disputes. Whether internal conflicts within an organization or an issue with a third party, these disputes can often be inconvenient and consume a lot of time that you do not have.

What Are Common Business Disputes

It is crucial to deploy risk management strategies to help anticipate any problems and minimize potential risks.

All kinds of disputes can easily arise in any business. They can occur within businesses or between businesses. Disputes can involve any aspect of a business’s complex affairs and it is crucial to deploy risk assessment strategies to help anticipate any problems and minimize potential risks. 

The most common business disputes typically involve some sort of breach of contract. It could be a breach of contract between founders or partners, with employees, suppliers, contractors, or clients and customers. Other examples of business disputes may include breach of warranties, intellectual property, antitrust, unfair competition, trade secrets, noncompetes, and breach of fiduciary duty.

Let Company Counsel Resolve Your Disputes

The number one goal for us when resolving business disputes is to come to a resolution as quickly and amicably as possible with as minimal damage to the company as possible. We always want to avoid litigation when possible, starting with putting to use years of experience in negotiating between parties. If a resolution is not reached, a more formal mediation process may need to be used, with a neutral third party. If a mutually satisfactory solution cannot be found, filing for arbitration is another option. Both parties would present their case to a judge, or panel of judges, with a previous agreement that the arbitrator’s ruling is final. Litigation is always the last option. But if it does come to that, our attorneys have a wealth of experience in litigation, and all appear in court regularly. We have represented companies in all facets of litigation and are experienced in defending our clients in all areas of business.

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