Bernard A. Williams Went from Goliath to David

COMPANY COUNSEL IS A LAW FIRM LED BY BERNARD A. Williams, a seasoned attorney who honed his craft as a commercial litigator at some of the finest large law firms in the nation. But it was actually his passion for small businesses—not law—that led Williams to cre-ating the firm, which is based just outside Philadelphia […]

Patent Basics

Chances are you’ve heard a friend or colleague say, “I’m one good idea away from being a millionaire!” many times.  You may have even said it yourself. If you have a great idea that you think could be a viable product and could ultimately be profitable, obtaining a patent is the only way to secure […]

Keeping Business Copycats at Bay with Trademarks

Sometimes the best way to protect your business from lawsuits, unnecessary expenses, and loss of income is to learn from the mistakes of others. Such is the case with trademarks. History is littered with thousands of cases – some frivolous, others successful – involving one company suing another over alleged trademark infringement. Yet these problems […]

Are Handshake Deals Valid?

Business owners have contact with colleagues, vendors, customers, and contractors on a daily basis in the course of doing business. Often, a business conversation might include creating or firming up a deal between the two parties. But is a verbal contract enforceable by law? In the state of Pennsylvania, verbal agreements need to include these […]

Why Your Business Attorney Should Be On-Call

As your business grows, your time becomes ever more valuable. Out of necessity, your priority should be to focus on the work that moves your business forward, and that only you can do. One of the best strategies to maximize your own productivity is to hire outside professionals to support your processes and reduce your […]

Your company can avoid disastrous harassment lawsuits

In October of 2017 the #MeToo Movement spread like wildfire through the news and as a hashtag on social media. The primary goal of the movement was to illustrate the prevalence of sexual harassment, assault, and violence in the workplace. Women and men from all walks of life bravely told their stories with the hope […]

Safeguarding Your Intangible Assets

Whether you are new to business or a seasoned entrepreneur, there is regular and ongoing creation of a great deal of intellectual property. For this reason, you should consider the steps required for protecting, managing, and legally enforcing ownership on a regular basis in order to get the best possible commercial results. The value of intellectual […]

Setting Up Your New Business For Success

Decided to start a new business? That’s great news! Best wishes for a successful venture. But setting up your new business for success means much more than just generating robust sales and keeping expenses low. There are legal documents, policies, and agreements you will need to have in place from the very beginning – not […]

The 3 Most Common Legal Mistakes Business Owners Don’t Know They Made

During the startup phase of a new business, the temptation is for the new business owner to focus almost exclusively on generating revenue and reducing expenses, so that they can make the business profitable as quickly as possible. Indeed, it is wise for a company to keep an eye on the bottom line, and the […]